3 Reasons to See “The Phantom of the Opera”

The Phantom of the Opera” is at TPAC now through November 4th, 2018. Never seen it? Here’s exactly why you should!______________________________________________________________________

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It’s Halloween for the whole week as far as we’re concerned, so it’s completely appropriate to be entertained by one of the world’s most popular musicals, “The Phantom of the Opera.” If you don’t know, the show is much more than the famous score and the iconicly masked and caped Phantom. There’s a costume ball, murder, pyro, and an overall goth vibe that makes it the perfect production for this time of year. In case you still need convincing, we’ve got your three reasons to get thee to the theatre to see Phantom now!

3 Reasons to See “The Phantom of the Opera”

1. It’s the quintessential theatrical experience.

There are these things called “theatrical conventions.” These are the techniques used in the show to tell the story that we as the audience accept as “reality” for our entertainment. Actors playing multiple roles, breaking the 4th wall, majestic and transformative set pieces, special effects, costume changes onstage to indicate the passage of time, the use of dance to express emotion… This production has them all, plus all of the latest in live theatre technology (like projections and surround sound!) and they only add to the spell-binding spectacle you’ll witness in your seat at TPAC. Watch the trailer to get a glimpse!

2. The chandelier (and the rest of the set and costumes!)

It takes twenty trailers and three days to load in this lavish production, but it’s the 2000 pound chandelier with fiery potential that really stands out. It’s a living element within the theatre, hanging in peril over the audience, making this showstopping set piece a character in and of itself. If you don’t know what happens plot-wise to the ornately-beaded sparkler, we recommend an orchestra seat to get the full effect! Check out this video 👆🏽 for a peek at all the backstage action.

3. It’s an opportunity for conversation.

The stage version is based on the novel by French writer, Gaston Leroux and was first published in serial starting in 1909 before it was adapted into a musical that premiered in first in London 1986 and then on Broadway in 1988. It’s the longest running musical in Broadway history, but in the face of #MeToo, the story of the Phantom raises new questions about obsession, relationships, abuse and harassment. There’s also bribery, intrigue, murder and a love triangle. All that being said, Phantom has remained one of the most beloved shows of all time and it’s sure to get you talking!


Don’t miss your chance to experience “The Phantom of the Opera” at TPAC now through November 4, 2018!!!

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