3 ways OZ Arts’ presentation of The Pigeoning will satisfy your inner child

You’re a serious adult with serious adult things to do. Let’s face it, the tires aren’t going to rotate themselves. And who else can pick out the perfect argyle socks to go with those penny loafers you got for your birthday?

But we also know you’ve got an inner child in there somewhere. After you file your taxes and floss your teeth, the kid in you is ready to start a game of Twister and eat a lollipop the size of a soccer ball. Never fear, OZ Arts Nashville is here to give both the serious adult and the inner child something to enjoy.

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MUST SEE SHOW:  Robin Frohardt’s The Pigeoning
WHEN: February 16 & 17 | 7:00 PM
WHERE:  OZ Arts Nashville (6172 Cockrill Bend Circle, Downtown Nashville)
Here are our three reasons OZ Arts presentation of Robin Frohardt’s The Pigeoning will delight the kid in you. 


It’s a puppet play for grownups. 

Everyone loved a puppet once. Whether it was Miss Piggy or Elmo, you watched that character in amazement that someone could make a doll seem so real.


– nY times

The Pigeoning is a Bunraku-style puppetry theater production which received the 2014 Arlyn Award for Outstanding Design in Puppet Theater” and is supported by the Henson Foundation. Let your inner child be awed by the storytelling of these five incredible puppeteers.


It’s fantastical and mesmerizing.

Don’t leave your inner teenager out of the fun! The New York Times calls The Pigeoning “a tender, fantastical symphony of the imagination.” In other words, the cool kids dig it. And for good reason. Mesmerizing musical scores bring the story to life alongside video and lo-fi effects that transport you to a time when life was a little more carefree and filled with wonder. 


Its lighthearted but heartfelt. 

Now that you are old(er) and wise(r), take a moment to contemplate your purpose in the greater scope of life. Our puppet protagonist, Frank, is an office worker in New York. Frank is a little uptight, and he becomes convinced that the pigeons in the park are plotting against him. (And you thought Judy in accounting was a little off!)

Follow Frank’s comedic yet heartfelt adventure, while analyzing the illusion of safety and control in the context of the end of the world. 

The Pigeoning will be on the Main Stage at OZ Arts February 16-17. OZ Arts will host a Q&A following the February 16 performance.

Get your tickets now! 


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