5 Best Places To See A Sunset In Nashville

People love sunsets.

Humanity is collectively into a lot things (if you don’t mind our sweeping generalization): new car smell, Meryl Streep, puppies (oh, and it’s National Puppy Day if you haven’t heard), and SUNSETS. They are probably a constant on your Instagram feed, popping up every night with inspirational quotes superimposed on top of them. We love it, and we know you do too! Here are the 5 best places to catch a sunset in Nashville.

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Pedestrian Bridge

The Shelby Street Bridge provides a truly gorgeous walkway over the Cumberland River between East Nashville and Downtown Nashville. You’ll see engagement photoshoots, tons of picture taking, and maybe even Connie Britton and Charles Esten filming a scene: the prime sunset-watching location has been featured in ABC’s “Nashville”. This offers an incredible view of the skyline, and we love seeing that iconic Batman building meet the beauty of a pink and purple sky. Grab some coffee nearby at Crema if you’re coming from downtown to add some java to your walkin’!


Radnor Lake

Jim Nix, nomadicpursuits.com

If you want to feel peaceful, just stop by Radnor Lake. The expansive nature reserve sits pretty much right in the middle of Nashville (just past Granny White Pike), and the natural beauty is the perfect getaway when you’re sick of traffic circles and hashtags and filing reports for work (among other mundane things). Get back to basics, take a soothing hike around the grounds, and stop at the lake for a prime view of the sunset. Soak up these last few days of wintry trees without leaves for an unimpeded view of the sky!


Belmont University Parking Garage

We’re Belmont till’ we die. The liberal arts university is smack dab in the middle of all the Nashville action; a brisk walk away from historic Music Row, super close to the action on the expanding 8th Ave., and right next to the beauty that is a hot bowl of queso from Chago’s Cantina. The school also enjoys a pretty stellar view of the skyline at the top of the main parking garage next to the Curb Event Center. Make sure you have the proper parking permits (those campus police patrol that place with the dogged persistence of Dwight Schrute) and bring a lawn chair or something. The view of the sunset is killer!


Love Circle


Ahh, Love Circle. You live up to your name. You can’t see this view of Nashville and not fall madly in love, so don’t take any date with known dealbreakers. The park is a nice little getaway in the middle of an urban area, and the view is enhanced by the natural beauty of the trees contrasted with the testament to human innovation and creativity that is the Nashville skyline. This view is truly unique! Fun fact: you can also see John Rich’s massive house from this lookout point. So there’s that. You’ll find this spot in the Hillsboro/West End area!


Natchez Trace Parkway

Speaking of human innovation…Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge is an architectural feat. The one-of-a-kind bridge has won many an award for its design. It was the first segmentally constructed concrete arch bridge in the United States, and the lack of spandrel columns allows you to have an unobstructed view on all sides. While this gem is a bit farther out (find it in Williamson County, and our favorite route spans five miles between Nashvillle/Bellevue to Franklin), it is definitely worth the trip! The view is gorgeous, and you can visit Trace Bikes to rent a bike for a day trip.