5 Romantic Summertime Dates In Nashville

Can you feel the love tonight?


So you’ve met someone this summer (or you love your longtime partner so much it feels like falling in love every time you wake up #precious), and much like Nala (The Lion King love interest pictured above), you know that IT’S ON. The sunshine’s got you tanned up, walking around your neighborhood, and feeling the summer lovin’. Want to plan the perfect date for the warm weather? We’ve got some ideas just for you.

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The Extravagant

Champagne, Hot Air Balloons, & Proposal-Worthy Views


Any couple on The Bachelor talking about how “love is a lot like bungee jumping off of a building”, or some other extreme metaphor. Minus all the reality show polygamy.


If you’re the kind of date planner that goes all out and you’ve been saving that Christmas bonus for a rainy day, this is an activity you won’t soon forget. Ace High Ballooning is a Tennessee-based hot air balloon company that knows how to create an ultra-romantic moment. Super popular for proposals (and maybe even the occasional prom-posal, because that’s apparently a thing), this will set you back one month’s rent, but it comes with gorgeous views of Nashville, celebratory champagne, and a story to tell the grandkids. They used to take off from Arrington Vineyards, and we still suggest visiting the Kix Brooks-operated winery for a picnic (get your supplies at The Turnip Truck) and bottle of wine to kick things off. If you like it, then you coulda put a ring on it (inside a hot air balloon).

The Classic

A Summertime Spin On Dinner & Drinks


T-Swift and her latest fella (who, may we say, is a tall drink of water) Calvin Harris. A Southern couple does city-livin’ whilst wearing great street clothes and being generally super attractive. No Bad Blood here.


You know the tried and true date formula: dinner and drinks, cap it off with a movie (where you can test out your arm over the shoulder move). While we love a good staple, you can do both of those things in a cozy way during wintertime. Take advantage of the warm weather and take those flirty vibes outdoors!

Dinner/Drinks: The rooftop view at Virago is top notch. You’ll be feelin’ the love for everything: the sushi, the wine list, the cityscape, and most importantly, your hot date. Stars in the sky and stars in your eyes, Romeo.

Movie/Show: If you’re on a date with a culture maven, fear not: there are tons of awesome cultural offerings in the great outdoors this season. Check out the community concerts in various parks around the area with the Nashville Symphony (we have them listed in Wannado). If movies are more your vibe, Grassy Knoll Movie Nights are the cutest date night in town, hosted on the third Sunday of every month (next one is July 19th). Everyone’s favorite independent cinema, Belcourt Theatre, will be screening films in the parking lot on the second Saturday of the month – catch Coal Miner’s Daughter on July 11th.

The Nostalgic

Drive-Ins, Day Trips, & Ducks


Sandy and Danny before they turned into Bad Sandy and Always-Bad Danny. Love was a many splendored thing. You’ll be gettin’ back to the old-fashioned fun basics with these throwback dates! These may be a little out of bounds of the immediate Nashville area, but we’re all about a day trip.


Summer Lovin’ at the Drive-In: Trade class rings, share some popcorn, and get your mack on. Head to nearby drive-ins to recapture the old school movie magic! Each one is about an hour away with multiple screens of the latest blockbusters, and you can even get two films for 7 bucks. What. Plus FUNNEL CAKE. Sign us up.

Have A Moment On The Ferris Wheel: If you’re willing to drive an hour and a half out of town for a crazy fun day trip, treat your S.O. to a thrilling day at the amusement park. Beech Bend Amusement Park has ferris wheels, haunted houses, tilt-a-whirls, and roller coasters. Get a pass for the day and hold on tight – to your belongings AND your heart. #mcm #wcw

Do Some Heavy Petting (Zoo): Sometimes you just gotta see some really cute animals. Summertime is the perfect occasion to head to the Nashville Zoo, where you can see elephants, ducks, common barn owls, and about a million other incredible creatures. If you’re not into someone who doesn’t like animals, this is a great way to put it to the test.

The Adventurous

Showstopping Duets & Hittin’ The Racetracks


Anna Farris and Chris Pratt. Playfully competitive, endlessly supportive, and up for anything. Oh, and pretty hilarious.


It’s All About The Chase: Do you have a bit of a competitive side? Let it all out with a trip to Grand Old Golf & Go-Karts. Over by Opryland, this mini-golf course and go-kart track is super fun and made for your adventurous inner child. Show your date your need for speed and see if they can keep up!

Babe, They Got You Babe: Are you a couple that likes to have all eyes on you? Instead of instagramming your love with endless #mancrushmonday/#womancrushwednesday posts, show off your dynamic joint skills in a karaoke duet. Whether you go for a chill and heartfelt Sonny & Cher duet or a sultry “Drunk In Love” belting session, it will be a fun couple activity that’s a little scary but really fun (you just might find “your song”). The beer is cold and the songs are heartfelt at Miss Kelly’s downtown and Santa’s Pub in Berry Hill.

The Cutesy

A Date That Is As Sweet As (Peach) Pie


Zooey Deschanel and the male version of Zooey Deschanel.


It Takes Two (Wheelers): Wanna see your city AND be active with your date? Put on some sunscreen and hit the streets on a Nashville B-cycle. You can find the stations all over downtown Nashville, and we suggest bikin’ it to Nashville Farmers’ Market, which leads us to our next activity…

Walk Away With A Date Souvenir: Want to give a gift besides flowers? Do something outside of the box with a souvenir scavenger hunt! The setting? Nashville Flea Market. The budget? 10 bucks. The rules? Get the best gift for the other person within the budget that you feel like describes them as a person. So fun and so cheap.

A Peachy Keen Afternoon: Nothin’ says love like a Georgia peach. Lucky for us Nashvillians, The Peach Truck delivers the goods during the summer, and biting into the first peach feels like Christmas morning. Wanna do something creative with your date and check out their kitchen skills? Make a peach pie for two! The couple that bakes together, stays together.