Drink and Dine in Style with The WanderLust Girls

You’ve got Wannado for what to do in Nashville, but for what to wear while you’re there, look no further than The WanderLust Girls.

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The WanderLust Girls’ Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin are best friends, wardrobe stylists and recent additions to Nashville’s fashion scene. We asked them to let us in on their five favorite places to drink and dine in the city they now call home.

Check out their Instagram and blog for how to look great while you’re doing all the things you wannado in Music City.


The WanderLust Girls’ Five Places to Drink and Dine in Nashville
(And how to look great while you’re there!)

1.  Cafe Roze

We love a place with all day breakfast. In fact, we seek them out. Cafe Roze is super Instagramable (because let’s be honest, that’s a super important factor.) It also has a great location in East Nashville. You can have delicious brunch and then head over to the Porter Shops for some boutique hopping!”

WanderLust Style Tip: “I always throw on my black overalls and a cute, light, off the shoulder top. It’s a super easy look and a pair of ankle boots with a little heel dresses it up just enough. It’s all about comfort when you’re going to be eating and shopping!”


2.  Von Elrod’s

“Beer gardens are fun, especially in big groups, which they can easily accommodate with their long tables! Again, this is a place with killer breakfast! Last time, we went we ordered just about everything on the menu. If you are going to Von Elrod’s you cannot miss out on their BAM (big ass mimosas.) They fill up a stein with a whole bottle of bubbly. This is something we can definitely get on board with!”

WanderLust Style Tip: “To make your BAM Instagram perfect we suggest adding some hand decor. We always opt for rings and can usually be seen wearing a minimum of five. Another thing we suggest is some fun nail art. We are terrible at painting our nails, but we attempt… just don’t look too closely.”


3.  American Legion Post 82

“One of the most magical places in Nashville is The Legion. Their big night is Honky Tonk Tuesdays where you can expect lots of dancing, and beers under $3!  This is definitely a place we put into the regular rotation. You’ll be right at home if you rock your best country looks. The crowd has some of the best dressed we’ve ever seen!”

WanderLust Style Tip: “If you want to make your look a bit more country, we suggest topping it off with a hat. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cowboy hat either, but something on your noggin will do the trick! If you have a bandana throw it around your neck and tie it with a knot.”


4.  L27

“We made our way to L27 for the first time last week and we are so happy we did! This is one of the best places in Nashville to sip on a delicious cocktail and take in a pretty epic view of the city. Plus, you can hear some incredible musicians on the first Thursday of every month. They do have bites as well. We suggest the mashed avocado, baja fish tacos and most importantly, the warm brownie cake. As far as the cocktails go – Abigail loves their Bee Sting and Emily couldn’t get enough of the white sangria!”

WanderLust Style Tip: “If you’re looking for the perfect sunnies for rooftop hangs we have one piece of advice. Go big or go home! Also, get a little wild. We guess that’s two pieces of advice, but don’t go for something generic. Sunglasses can really make a simple outfit stand out and be memorable. We love L.A.M.B. sunnies because Gwen Stefani makes some eye-catching eyewear.”


5.  Rosemary & Beauty Queen

“This bar looks like an actual house with a porch from the outside. So, make sure you don’t miss it when you’re walking down the street! We love going here for cocktails! In the summer, we hang out on their patio and in the winter, they have super comfy couches to lounge on.”

WanderLust Style Tip: “When bar hopping we always advise our followers to bring a little leather jacket. We know, we know it’s way too hot right now for that. However, when you get into a bar and that AC is blasting you’ll be like ‘wow, those WanderLust Girls really have spent a lot of time in bars and know their stuff.’ That’s right, we do! Plus, who doesn’t look cool in a leather jacket. It’s logical and fashionable.”

(All photos via The WanderLust Girls)


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