Get to Know Shania Twain with Five of Her Best Quotes


She’s “Still the One” we get so excited about seeing in Music City!

And we’re not talking about Oprah. Not this time, at least.

We’re talking about Shania Twain!

In anticipation of Shania Twain: Now at Bridgestone Arena on Saturday night, we thought we’d try to get to know the best-selling female artist in country music history a little bit better through five of her very own quotes.


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Five of our Favorite Shania Twain Quotes

1. Shania believes in hard work, maximum effort, and always trying to do your best. She says, “It’s important to give it all you have while you have the chance.”


2. There’s nothing like a woman who can eat and Shania’s a believer in staying well-fed for ultimate productivity. According to Shania, being hangry can be counterproductive. She says, “It’s very hard to concentrate when your stomach’s rumbling.”


3. Dressing for success may or may not be real, so just do you. Some people think style was a huge factor in Shania’s initial popularity, but she downplays the influence of fashion.  “If my clothing does stand out, then I guess it’s a compliment, but I just wear whatever feels comfortable.”


4. She’s proof that country music is here to stay. While Nashville certainly transcends our country music roots, we love that Shania is proud to embrace the past, present and future of the genre.


5. She lays it all out on the table. Shania’s an open book at this point in her life. She discloses, “Without a doubt, the best way to get to know me is through my music.”

Wanna get to know Shania better? Check out the show this Saturday July 21 at Bridgestone Arena!


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