Get Your #Grateful On This Thanksgiving Season

November is the official start of holiday season. It’s a time to celebrate and to show your #grateful. Here are some ways to get you started on giving back.

We’ve seen all your #grateful, #thankful and #blessed posts on Insta, so we know you know how good you’ve got it. Why not spread the love a little during this season of goodwill and appreciation?

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Nashville isn’t just a great city for food, entertainment, arts and culture, it is a city with generous companies and citizens. If you’ve been missing out on all the fantastic opportunities to improve the lives of others, we can help! Whether you have time, money, talents or goods to share, there are countless ways to give back. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than volunteering with a local charity or nonprofit?

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We’ve found a cause for every passion, and we know you’ll leave feeling rewarded, with a drive to help those in need — and not just during the holidays. Check out these five worthwhile causes and get involved!

Five Ways to Get Your #Grateful on in Nashville

1. Park Center

Park Center works to help those with mental illness or substance abuse issues to live and work in their communities. Their goal is to give program participants hope, education, and choice. There are opportunities to get involved with Park Center through monetary or goods donation, volunteering and events.


2. CoYOA Nashville– Coalition of Youth Oriented Arts

 CoYOA supports and encourages arts education and participation to maximize talent and inspire passion for kids. They offer many opportunities to serve by instructing or mentoring youth in creative fields.


3. American Red Cross

It’s no secret that blood donations are always needed, and the American Red Cross is always happy to receive your donation that could directly save lives. With blood drives all across the metro area, this is an ongoing opportunity to feel good about yourself every couple of months. Plus, they have great snacks. And stickers!


4. Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest is a well-established and known Middle Tennessee organization. We have all dropped a can or two in a box on the way in to a sporting event or community activity without thinking much about it. But did you know that 1 in 8 Americans experience hunger? The problem is much more prominent than we realize, and Second Harvest works to make an impact by giving individuals and groups plenty of opportunities to donate time or food.


5. HandsOn Nashville

Not sure exactly where to volunteer your time? If you like having LOTS of options, HandsOn Nashville is the best kind of match-making site – one that matches nonprofits and charities with volunteers. Browse the events and organizations and chose one (or a few) that fit your schedule, interests and/or location!


Take some time this holiday season to reflect on all the advantages you have, and find a way to share the love. You’ll be making someone else’s day and helping Nashville live up to its generous reputation.


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