Detour from a Bachelorette Weekend to The Rolling Stones

Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibit Now Open at The Musicians Hall of Fame


The Rolling Stones' Exhibitionism at The Musicians Hall of Fame
At The Musicians Hall of Fame

Shelby Schilling gets it. Do you? She stopped to pose at the Rolling Stones tongue and lips statue in 12 South and she’s ready to rock.

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Even though she’s in town for a bachelorette party, she knows there’s more than just brunch and pedal taverns in Nashville! (*Fun fact: on any given weekend, downtown Nashville’s population is 58{39c2fe1e629c8d6439b90ffc6774308952d32d63d7d25bc39b8a4e2230d908ba} bachelorette party attendees, 31{39c2fe1e629c8d6439b90ffc6774308952d32d63d7d25bc39b8a4e2230d908ba} convention-goers and 11{39c2fe1e629c8d6439b90ffc6774308952d32d63d7d25bc39b8a4e2230d908ba} Nashvillians who know shortcuts.)

Shelby wants you to know that Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones Exhibit is on display at Musicians Hall of Fame for its FINAL U.S. STOP! So, you know, hurry up and get there to get the full Stones experience.

The Rolling Stones Exhibit Is Here In Nashville!


Posted by Wannado Nashville on Friday, April 6, 2018

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*Unverifiable data provided by that guy who is always scalping Preds tix at the corner of 5th and Broad.


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by Julie Holt