Let the “Nashville Fit Games” Begin!


Let the games begin! The Nashville Fit Games to be exact. It’s kinda, sorta like American Ninja Warrior except local people in our community will be competing in isolated challenges that test mental and physical toughness. Want to watch people flip 500 lb tires for 90 seconds? Or how about a burpee challenge? Or an odd object hold? It’s all going down this Saturday morning at 8:00 at the Nashville Fit Games at Ted Rhodes Fields.

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Nashville Fit Games

Saturday, 8:00 am

Ted Rhodes Fields


Dani with Dani D. Fitness is the creator of the Tire Flip Challenge. She chatted with us this week to talk about her event and her story!


1. What are you doing in the Nashville Fit Games this weekend?


Dani: Bringing an element of total body strength to the Nashville Fit Games! I am one of the sponsors and my event is the Tire Flip Challenge! I chose this challenge because it’s a type of movement that tests total body strength and cardio all in one! Like Dani D. Fitness, a good tire flip is something unique and different. You have to be mentally and physically ready for it and once you are, you give it your all and you will feel empowered, strong and the best version of yourself!

2. How heavy is the tire flip? How many times do you have to flip it? 

Dani: For the females, 250 lb tire. For the men, 500 lbs. You have to flip the tire as many times as possible in 90 seconds.

3. What’s the hardest physical challenge you’ve ever done?

Dani: My strongman competition of this year’s St. Jude Half Marathon where I accidentally ran it and my legs rubbed together and bled the whole time. I pushed through mind over matter.

4. When and why did you get into these types of competitions?

Dani: I preach variety of movement so for me, any opportunity to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone I take part in!

5. Have you always loved fitness?

Dani: I found fitness at age 19 and fell in love with group fitness. I now love pushing my body in ways I never thought possible.

6. What’s your weekly workout routine?

Dani: I workout 6 days a week sometimes 7! One day a week is strongman practice where I work on strongman events I’ll be doing at competitions for prep. Two days a week I workout with Matt McQuiston with Klug Fitness in Nashville on getting me stronger and perfecting my heavy lifts. Three days a week I work on my own doing total body work, barbell work, core, cardio, just whatever I need to get better on!

7. So you started your own fitness company? What do you do?

Dani: Dani D. Fitness was started in August of 2017. I am a personal training business, healthy lifestyle coach and body positive activist helping women all over middle TN to fight for what they want and love their bodies! I also plan fitness pop-up events with my athletic dance format, MoveFit, along with my annual fitness events I created called Find Your Fit, benefitting St. Jude.

8. What’s the best pump up song on your playlist right now?

Dani: Probably Cinema by Skrillex or We Will Rock You by Queen, haha.

9. What’s your favorite place to workout outside in Nashville?

Dani: I workout in the Gulch under the bridge in Nashville with my trainer. I love it.

10. What’s your favorite healthy spot for a snack, lunch or dinner in Nashville?

Dani: I love Rush Bowls!

Keep up with Dani D. on her website and on her social media pages.