Nashville’s Jeremy Benton is at Home in Irving Berlin’s White Christmas

Don’t miss a rare chance to experience Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall, November 13-18, 2018.
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A lot has changed since White Christmas debuted on the big screen in 1954, but one thing remains the same – many of us are wishing for a true white Christmas, even though we’ve learned that Nashville must be on the naughty list, because a snowy holiday never happens.

But never fear – even if it feels more like spring break on Christmas, you can get your White Christmas fix at TPAC this week! Don’t miss this holiday classic with spectacular music and unforgettable dance numbers. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas musical will put a little spring in your step and have you ready for the coming holiday season.

Nashville’s own Jeremy Benton is excited to be back home for the holidays as Phil Davis. Here’s a message from him …

When the actor is not entertaining theater-goers, he enjoys exploring his home city. Check out his favorite things to do when he’s in Nashville.

Jeremy Benton’s Perfect Day in Nashville

Wannado: You have a whole day free in Nashville just to do your favorite things. Where are you going, and what are you doing?

Jeremy Benton: I would love a massage and facial at the Omni Hotel, maybe take my nieces and nephews (Dexter, Roxie, Liza, & Quentin) to a puppet show at the Nashville Public Library, grab lunch at Husk (veggie plate) or Arnold’s (hopefully they have the squash casserole), maybe snag a half scoop of gooey butter cake ice cream at Jeni’s.

If the weather is nice take a stroll down 12 South to burn off some of those calories, and plan dinner with my family at Margot’s (where, for years, I have always been able to count on a spectacular dinner…side note, I will definitely order the olives), maybe finish off the night with a walk over the pedestrian bridge to marvel at how much Nashville has grown.

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Wannado: Which venue is your favorite to see a show at?

Jeremy Benton: Schermerhorn Symphony Center – it is breathtakingly beautiful. And it is always an intimate, music-rich performance. I love seeing shows at TPAC, but if you can see a concert at the historic Ryman Theatre, that’s a must do!

Photo: Jeremy Daniel

Wannado: Do you have a shout out to local theatre company/university theatre program in Nashville you think does really stellar productions?

Jeremy Benton: I’d give a shout out to ALL local Tennessee theatre, but I have a special place in my heart for The Cumberland County Playhouse in Crossville. I’ve done many wonderful shows there, and they have some of the best professional theatre in the mid-south. A Nashville theatre company that does INCREDIBLE work is Studio Tenn! Go see anything they do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get a chance to work there in one of their seasons!

Don’t miss this holiday classic live on stage – it might be the only white Christmas in town!

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical at TPAC’s Andrew Jackson Hall, November 13-18, 2018.
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