St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Events

Somethin’ for Everyone at the St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!

April 27-28, 2019

More than 30,000 people are expected to run or walk in the St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon and Half Marathon this weekend. Add that to the record crowds expected in town for the NFL Draft and countless other events downtown. The energy is going to be epic.

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Even if you haven’t trained, you still have time to participate in this weekend’s running events! There’s a one-mile race on Sunday as well as a brand new event, the Doggie Dash! The Doggie Dash is a half-mile race and you can bring your four-legged friend! We got a chance to catch up with Regional Ironman Director (and competitor), Keats McGonigal, this week to get the scoop on all of the happenings this weekend. Click here for our interview with Keats.

In addition to the running events, there are lots of activities happening all weekend long. For all of that information, click here to check out the website for the St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.