The Nashville Mom: Volunteering with Shower Up!

Author: The Nashville Mom 


Spread Love, It’s the Nashville Way…We had the opportunity to love our neighbors with Shower Up recently. They truly are showering Music City with love! 

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ShowerUp is a local, mobile shower truck that is designed to serve those in need in and around the city of Nashville. By providing showers, hygiene resources and basic health care screenings, their mission is to share love, build relationships and restore hope.

Inside the ShowerUp mobile shower unit, guests will find a private, comfortable room with a clean shower and sink. The showers have plenty of hot water, towels, shower kits and items to make their showering experience more pleasant. This may be the only time the guests have to themselves all week.

In the Nashville area, there are about 4,000 homeless men, women and children who often go weeks and months without a roof over their heads. That also means no access to a shower, basic hygiene or attention to personal care. This leads to a sense of hopelessness, a loss of dignity and a feeling of being unloved and uncared for.

While there are organizations and resources available to serve a variety of needs, there are fewer than a dozen shower heads available to the homeless population. The transformations after the showers were amazing! The guests looked so refreshed and had renewed confidence.

ShowerUp sets up in various locations around the city and provide basic toiletry items that most of us take for granted. Not only are ShowerUp guests’ needs met, but volunteers also build relationships, demonstrate love and create a caring environment. One man told my husband it was nice to have someone to talk to, that many people do not want to talk.

ShowerUp volunteers are available for all experience levels and comfort. Volunteer opportunities include driving the truck, preparing for service, handing out shower supplies, cleaning, hosting or just being a friendly face. ShowerUp is designed to utilize volunteers with minimal training and maximum involvement.

If you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities, click here. Donation items needed can be found here. As I write this, ShowerUp is preparing to give their 1,000th shower! Please consider rounding up a group of friends to volunteer with this worthy organization or make a donation! You will truly be spreading love, the Nashville way! ________________________________________________________________

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