The Peach Truck Story


Obsession isn’t a strong enough word to describe the affair between Nashville and The Peach Truck. One thing is certain: We can’t get enough! It’s a signal of the season around Music City and it all started with one couple who didn’t understand why we were so close to Georgia.. yet so far away from those juicy gems. Meet Stephen and Jessica Rose.

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     Photo Credit: Elisea Johnson


1) We LOVE the Peach Truck in Nashville! Tell me about yourselves, the faces behind the Peach Truck?

We are Jessica and Stephen Rose. Stephen grew up in Fort Valley, GA, the home of Georgia Peaches. Jessica grew up in Seattle, and we moved to Nashville in 2010. Getting to move to Nashville and see this city explode has been an incredible experience.

2) What’s the history behind the Peach Truck? How did it get started?
I (Stephen) couldn’t figure out why we were just a state away from the greatest peaches int he world but didn’t have access to anything like them here in Nashville. So we decided to start bringing them to town. I’m lifelong family friends with the 5th Generation peach growers at Pearson Farm. We started bringing their peaches to Nashville in 2012, and thankfully people tasted the difference right away.
3) Why did you guys decide to bring those delicious peaches to Nashville? How fresh are the peaches when we buy them?
Freshness and time on the tree are the two biggest variables when it comes to peaches. They need to be picked when they’re ready, and not a second before or after. And they need to be enjoyed within a couple days of being picked. We bring peaches from the farm to Nashville several times a week, so they’re always fresh off the tree when you get them from us.
4) Have you been surprised at the response from Nashville to the Peach Truck?
Absolutely. I didn’t know if I was just nostalgic for my childhood or if others would fall in love with these peaches like I did as a kid. Thankfully others have fallen in love as well.
5) Congrats on your new cookbook coming out on June 25th. Tell us about the cookbook and why you decided to put one together?
The biggest question we get all summer long is “what do I do with these peaches?!” We’ve been developing recipes for our website for years, but the opportunity arose to publish our own cookbook, and we had to jump on it. It’s 100 Delicious Recipes for all things peach, and it’s really a celebration of summer and the queen of fruit.
6) What’s your favorite recipe in the cookbook?
We can’t pick our favorite kid, and we definitely can’t pick our favorite recipe from the cookbook, but the sticky buns are a constant for different celebratory moments in our home.
7) You’ll be going on a cookbook tour and your first stop is Parnassus in Nashville on June 23rd! What can fans expect?
We’re super excited Lisa Donovan is joining us, and it’ll be a great time for all! She’s going to lead a conversation with us, we’ll have time for a Q&A, and we’re bringing peach sangria from the cookbook for all to enjoy!
8) You guys have a big following.. What kind of feedback do you guys get from your fans? Any funny stories about hardcore fans?
Opening Weekend is always a joy. I heard of people driving in from Ohio and Kentucky just to get their hands on one of the first boxes of the year. The peach fandom is real, and we couldn’t be more grateful.
9) How often do you guys eat peaches?
Daily! Peach season is only 3 months long, so you have to take advantage while they’re fresh.
10) What’s your favorite peach pairing?
Peaches go great on just about anything, but throwing them on the grill after a cookout is a real joy. They caramelize beautifully, and we throw a little ice cream on top and you have the dessert you always dreamed of.

Author Event

June 23rd, 2:00 pm

Parnassus Books Nashville




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