Friday, December 4, 2020


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Hal Ketchum

Grand Ole Opry Member Hal Ketchum Passes Away at Age 67

Beloved country artist Hal Ketchum has died at the age of 67, due to complications of dementia. The announcement of his passing was shared by his wife Andrea via Facebook....
John Schneider Brings Three Drive-In Concerts to Tennessee

John Schneider to Host Three Drive-In Concerts to Tennessee

Country artist/actor John Schneider is hosting a series of drive-in concerts, with three stops in Tennessee. The upcoming events will be live and in -person. In addition, they will offer...
Dancing Lights of Christmas

Dancing Lights of Christmas Now Open

The Dancing Lights of Christmas kicked off its 11th consecutive season in Middle Tennessee, on Friday, November 13th, 2020. To show their appreciation for the tremendous challenges that our...
Friday the 13th

Why is Friday the13th Considered a Superstitious Day?

It's Friday the 13th! For some, it's a day to be superstitious. There are even two terms for those who fear Friday the 13th: paraskavedekatriaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia. For others,...
online sports betting fanduel

Online Sports Betting Goes Live in Tennessee

NASHVILLE—The Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) announced final approval for online sports betting in Tennessee beginning on Sunday, November 1, at 12:01 a.m. Central Time. At that time, authorized licensees could...
What's New to Streaming in June 2020 wa

What’s New to Streaming in November 2020

Streaming entertainment can be overwhelming with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week. Here is a list of new releases this November 2020 playing on...
HQ Beercade

HQ’s Beercade Stranger Things Pop-up Returns

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, HQ Beercade’s famed Hawkins Arcade: A Stranger Things Halloween Experience has returned. The Stranger Things Pop Up event will be open through...

Ryman Auditorium Offers Haunted History Tours

For two nights only, the Ryman Auditorium will offer Haunted History Tours on October 30-31. What happens after the show is over and the stage lights go dim? Come along...
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