Thursday, December 2, 2021
Saturday, 11:30 am
Paladin Tower Tactics Permit to Proficient (Intermediate Pistol)
Ashland City
2300 Old Clarksville Pike Ashland City,TN 37015

Class Overview:

It is strongly recommended that you do not sign up for this class unless you have previous training from a reputable instructor. If you have not trained with Paladin Tower Tactics before, we ask that you provide proof of previous training and/or conduct a drill at the beginning of class to demonstrate safe weapons handling.

Permit to Proficient (P2) is an intermediate level defensive fighting pistol class that builds upon the “Foundation of Fighting Pistol" class. This class, as well as all Paladin Tower Tactics Pistol classes, is built around a focus on concealed carry or off duty carry. In P2 you will be exposed to a lecture on developing proper mindset as it relates to the Wyatt Protocol. The course will contain a review of the Wyatt Protocol and you will be taught the following skills: basic marksmanship, emergency and tactical reloads, one handed pistol manipulations (strong and support), corrective action with one hand limitations, proximity training, unconventional shooting positions, and shooting while moving. The specific address for the class will be announced once attendance is confirmed.

The following is a list of gear that you will need to participate in class:

1. You will need 300 rounds of practice ammo for each shooter that will be participating

2. A handgun or revolver that is adequate for fighting – this does not include pocket pistols. Some .380 pistols are not adequate or reliable enough to meet these criteria, and .22 caliber handguns are not allowed for training. The last page of this packet will require you to declare which handgun you will train with

3. At least three spare magazines or speed clips (if you are shooting a revolver)

4. A belt that supports the weight of your firearm while on your person

5. A holster that you can wear on your belt on your dominant hand side – all trigger finger released holsters are prohibited on all my courses. If you come with one, you will not be allowed to train until it is replaced. An Example of this is a Blackhawk Serpa holster

6. A magazine holder that you can wear on your belt

7. Hearing protection

8. Eye protection – both clear and shaded

9. Appropriate clothing – no flip flops or tank tops. I recommend pants, t-shirt, and some type of boot or shoe. I also highly encourage you to come to class wearing the attire you plan to carry in on a daily basis if possible. Obviously, you don’t want to get a suit or nice blouse dirty, but training how you would actually fight is the spirit of this point. Remember rain gear, bug spray, or sunscreen – whatever the weather or season requires

10. Bring a notebook and pen (preferably one that fits in a pocket)

11. Please bring plenty of water for yourself

12. Handheld tactical flashlight