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5 Gift Ideas for Preschoolers


Searching for a great gift for a preschooler? Whether you’re shopping for your own family or looking for a gift for a friend’s child, we have some great suggestions.

Parents shared these ideas in a recent post on the site, a website that helps parents find the best childcare in Franklin, or anywhere in the U.S. actually.

Koala Crate

koala crate

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Koala Crate was created to expose preschoolers to new materials, tools, and concepts for hands-on learning and fun. These STEAM projects are delivered monthly and include science activities, arts and crafts, imaginative play and more.

For ages: 2- 4

Learn more here.

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

melissa and doug geometric stacker

Melissa & Doug have become known for their durable toys and games for children that inspire imaginative play. This Geometric Stacker Toy features 25 colorful wooden pieces of rings, octagons, and rectangles that can be matched and stacked on three rods.

The geometric stacker will help to build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills and children can play multiple games to help strengthen hand-eye coordination and more.

For ages: 2-4

Buy it Here: Amazon

Magna – Tiles


This 3D magnetic building set allows children to build in 3D. The tiles are translucent and colorful and come in a variety of shapes, allowing children to build whatever their imagination can create. These tiles are safe and durable and will last for years!

For ages: 3+

Check out all the options here

Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox

kinectic sand

This isn’t your ordinary sand. It feels just like the wet beach sand but doesn’t stick to anything but itself, allowing children to mold and build endless creations. Plus, the Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box features a contained play space for easy clean up and storage.

For Ages: 3+

Buy It Here:Target

Michael’s Craft Kits

michael's craft kit

Michael’s has an assortment of craft kits, like rock painting, making dream catchers, painting birdhouses and even dinosaur fossil digs. Everything you need to complete the project comes in the kit, making it easy to for both parents and child! These kits provide a great opportunity for the whole family to do a craft together. Activities range in difficulty level and age appropriateness, but they have kits for children as young as 3.

Check out all their craft kits here.

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