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Predators Exhibition and Playoff Schedules Released


The exhibition and playoff schedule for the NHL, including the Nashville Predators, was released yesterday and it includes good news for Preds fans who are tired of staying up late for playoff games.

As we all know, the Preds will face off against the Arizona Coyotes in this year’s “Qualifying Round” of the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting on August 2nd. And because the NHL is trying to squeeze 12 qualifying round series into roughly one week, there will be games at all hours of the day to satisfy your hockey playoff desires.

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Here are the times and dates for the first three games of the Preds vs Coyotes series:

  • Game 1: Sunday, August 2nd @ 1 PM (Central)
  • Game 2: Tuesday, August 4th @ 1:30 PM (Central)
  • Game 3: Wednesday, August 5th @ 1:30 PM (Central)

Preds meet familiar foe for exhibition

The NHL also announced exhibition games for late July. The league elected to take a regional approach to these games, which makes sense.

The Nashville Predators will take on the Dallas Stars in an exhibition game on July 30th at 3 p.m. central time.

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