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Project Redesign Partners With H.G. Hill Realty to Give Home Makeovers


Nashville-based Project Redesign, a nonprofit that provides room makeovers for low-income families, and interior redesigns for community centers and other non-profit organizations, has partnered with H.G. Hill Realty Company on the donation of furniture and housewares.

Furniture from approximately 30 apartments was recently donated along with housewares including small appliances and tableware. The items allow the organization to expand their reach, bring on additional partner organizations in the coming months, and provide furnishings for up to 30 families.

“We are thrilled to support Project Redesign with the furniture donation,” said Jimmy Granbery, chair and CEO, H.G. Hill Realty Company. “As we near the end of a challenging year and H.G. Hill Company’s 125th year anniversary, our company’s commitment to giving with gratitude is stronger than ever.”

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Founded in 2008, Project Redesign earned its nonprofit status in 2011. Over the years, they have worked with the Salvation Army, YWCA’s Domestic Violence Center, Magdalene House (Thistle Farms), Mending Hearts, Safe Haven and many other organizations to furnish homes for individuals or families coming out of homelessness or treatment. They also redesign large communal spaces for nonprofit centers and schools.

“We are ecstatic to receive this furniture and home goods. We take great pride in the rooms we deliver and don’t leave until we feel it is as perfect as it can possibly be. Having this large amount of items donated will allow us to expand our network of partner organizations, providing even more families with a beautiful place to call home,” said Karen Moore, who created the organization with fellow Nashville-residents and friends Suzanne Snyder, Ellie Billington, Alison Douglas and Sarah Fleming.

The idea for Project Redesign sprang from a volunteer project following Hurricane Katrina. In the few years that followed, the four friends explored how we could repeat this experience for Nashvillians. No crisis, just everyday need. In 2008, they approached the Martha O’Bryan Community Center in East Nashville, and under their umbrella, did redesigns for the families in the James Cayce Homes. They started out storing collected furnishings in personal garages, and had volunteers help move furniture in pick-up trucks. As the organization has grown, they have expanded to a 7,000 square foot warehouse. Visit to learn more.

About H.G. Hill Realty Company LLC

H.G. Hill Realty Company has been growing with Nashville since 1895. What started as a grocery store business has evolved into a privately held real estate portfolio of more than two million square feet. Ushering in a new era that began in 1993 with the sale of the grocery store operations to independent owners, the company’s mixed-use lifestyle centers may be found throughout Nashville and surrounding areas. For more information, visit

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