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The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Announces Land Purchase


The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT), a leader in philanthropy for 30 years by bringing good people and good causes together, has announced the acquisition of six acres of land located at the corner of Woodmont and Belmont boulevards in Nashville.

The property, sold by the State of Tennessee by a sealed bidding process for approximately $6 million, will be the new home for CFMT. Building plans include a center for Middle Tennessee nonprofits to engage in trainings and special events.

For three decades, Middle Tennessee’s 40 counties have benefited from CFMT’s work serving as a catalyst and convener to support this community and people in need. The organization has lacked physical resources to embrace many additional projects that would have helped benefit the community, however.

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“We began in my garage 30 years ago, and we eventually moved our offices downtown, thanks to the generosity of Ted Lazenby, our first board chair,” said Ellen Lehman, president and founder of The Community Foundation. “In 1995, we moved to Midtown with the help of Dr. Pat Maxwell and Frank Bumstead. Seven years later we relocated to Green Hills, thanks to the kindness of Robin Hurdle and Aubrey Harwell, and as a memorial to Dan and Margaret Maddox.”

To continue its work as a convener, the Foundation’s new property will be available as a resource to bring people and groups together to review and address community issues, with the hopes of forging new partnerships and strengthening those that already exist.

The building’s two floors will house operations, with a reception area, conference rooms, and a mix of open and private offices and meeting rooms. A proposed secondary building will be used to hold donor and grantee meetings and events, as well as providing accessible community space for people and organizations to work toward a common goal.

CFMT’s Building Committee also is discussing ideas for a common space on the property for its neighbors to enjoy.

“Thanks to all, we will continue to work toward making good things happen and connecting generosity with need,” Lehman said. “We look forward to sharing the important outcomes we foresee that will enhance the quality of life in Tennessee, this place we choose to call home.”

About The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) exists to promote and facilitate giving in the 40 counties of Middle Tennessee and beyond. It does this by accepting gifts of any size from anyone at any time and by empowering individuals, families, companies, nonprofits, and communities to respond to needs and opportunities that matter. CFMT works with people who have great hearts, whether or not they have great wealth, to craft solutions that reflect their intentions and goals. The organization has distributed more than $1 billion in grants since its inception 30 years ago. For more information, call 615-321-4939 or visit

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