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What Do You Wannado? 10 Things To Do In Nashville This Weekend


Happy hump day, y’all!

Yes, we might be jumping the gun on weekend plans, but this crisp chilly air has got us feeling ambitious. Whether you’re sippin’ on extra hot fair trade coffee in a grandpa cardigan whilst listening to Sweater Weather on repeat, or you’re a summer enthusiast wearing your swimsuit under your sweatshirt and jeans in protest of the end of warm weather (or maybe because you haven’t done laundry in over a month), we invite you to embrace the change, get out there, and LIVE. It’s (almost) the freakin’ weekend, baby…you’re about to have you some fun. Get out your planners and your iCals, y’all – it’s gonna be a good one:

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Appreciate Awesome Ladies:

Salon 615 Special Event – Kirsten Gillibrand & Connie Britton


We can’t even handle the magnitude of awesome that comes from this collaborative event. Kirsten Gillibrand is an author, a senator (Gillibrand took Hillary Clinton’s open spot in NY when she was appointed Secretary of State), and an all-around super smart lady with confidence and wisdom to boot. She’ll be speaking about her book with Salon 615 at Belmont’s McAfee Concert Hall, and guess who else is coming? Connie Britton. That’s right. The woman with a hairstyle spoken into existence by the gods, acting chops, and smarts of her own. We’ll be girl crushin’ hard this weekend, and learning a lot in the process. Come on out, ladies & gents!

Honor One Of The Greats & Have A Laugh:

“Jumanji” at Belcourt Theatre


In the last month Robin Williams tributes have been inescapable, and for good reason. The world was shocked and saddened by his sudden passing, and people all over the world have honored his great works by showing them in public forums, letting us bask in the hilarity and humanity found in his body of work. Come relive some of his best moments in the 1995 family-friendly classic, Jumanji. Watch the fanciful film Saturday morning at the Belcourt (then maybe stop over to Pancake Pantry for some breakfast). Perfect Saturday honoring one of the greatest comedy legends that ever lived! If you aren’t feeling the morning, try the midnight movie this weekend – they’re playing Hook!

Play Vigilante & Get A Workout:

Bike Party – Superheroes & Supervillains

Image courtesy of Peninsula Bike Rides

Suit up, y’all! Trade in your bike shorts for some whimsical spandex – it’s a superhero/supervillain themed bike ride! Costumes are encouraged, so we suggest raiding the early bird specials on Halloween costumes at Party City/Walmart. Bring your bike lights, get ready for some surprise locations, and meet your fellow bike lovers. After you whiz through the streets of Nashville faster than a speeding bullet, you can enjoy some down time at Hops + Crafts.

Feel The Fall Football Fandom:

Vanderbilt v. South Carolina


Nothing says fall like football. Nashville’s gettin’ back in the SEC saddle with Vanderbilt v. South Carolina at Vanderbilt Stadium this Saturday! Put on your black and gold facepaint, round up the fam, and get in the spirit to root for your Commodores! There’s nothing like a night on the field with a cold beer in your koozie, a hot dog in your hand, and maybe some mustard on your shirt. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

Channel Your Inner Cat Lady/Fella:

Cat Lady Craft Night


Hey – there’s no stigma anymore. Wear your Cat Lady/Cat Dude title with a badge of honor, because even Taylor Swift is a self-proclaimed cat fanatic, and she is objectively cool and lives in a penthouse. You’re good. Let your love for felines (and crafts) shine at The Skillery! They want you to come dressed in your cutest cat-inspired frocks (get creative with the theme and pick up some cat eye glasses from Katy K’s or Pre To Post Modern) and craft up a storm. You’ll be creating some toys for your furry friend and meeting other like-minded Nashvillians. Leave your kittens at home though – it will make the reunion and gift surprise that much sweeter when you head home!

Become A Beer Aficionado:

Nashville Beer Fest


America may run on Dunkin’, but Nashville runs on craft beer. We wear our affection for beer on our raw denim shirt sleeves, and this weekend is no exception. Be a part of the emerging Nashville beer tradition at Beer Fest in East Park, where there will be EIGHTY beers, beer education, food, and fellowship. Pro tip: Use the code “Wannado” when you get your tickets for five bucks off your ticket!

Talk Like A Pirate & Expect The Unexpected:

Pirates! The Improv Show


You know the drill: on National Talk Like A Pirate Day, there are at least five Facebook friends that will post a joke like “have you heard about the new pirate movie? It’s rated ARGGHHH” or change their profile pictures to that one time they dressed up as Jack Sparrow for Halloween. When you’re done with the half-attempts at true pirate celebration, come to The Building in East Nashville for a a true work of AAAAART. Music City Improv has been bringin’ us laughs for years, and they’re at it again. Witness some onstage improv mayhem with this super fun show, and bring your A game – they take audience suggestions for all their scenes!

Give Back In A Big Way:

Hands On Nashville Day


Hands On Nashville Day is one of the best days of the year! Join over 1,500 volunteers from your city and give back – you’ll have opportunities to work in schools all over the metroplex alongside Nashville’s finest. Whether you’re painting walls, picking up trash, or landscaping, you’ll be making our education centers beautiful and more conducive to shapin’ young minds. Sign up friends and get a team going!

Listen To Live Music Under The Stars:

Bluebird On The Mountain

Image courtesy of Nashville Lifestyles
Image courtesy of Nashville Lifestyles

If there is any quintessential “Nashville” event going on this weekend, this is it. Every Nashvillian knows about The Bluebird Cafe (and thanks to ABC’s Nashville, now pretty much everyone in the world knows about it). The launchpad of Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and other country stars entertains locals and visitors alike on any given night, but they really pull out all the stops for Bluebird On The Mountain. An outdoor concert series hosted in the Dyer Observatory (perfect for stargazing, so bring a date champ), this is the place to be if you want a real musical moment this weekend.

Dance The Night Away At A 2 Year Old (Establishment)’s Birthday Party

The Stone Fox Turns 2!

Image courtesy of Day Old Records
Image courtesy of Day Old Records

The Stone Fox is such a fixture in the local scene, it’s hard to imagine that it’s only two years old. The West Nashville haunt is always a party (if you haven’t been there, the stage is literally always covered in gold and silver streamers – even during a quiet Sunday brunch), and this weekend is more of the same! This bash is called “SPACE IS THE PLACE”, and there will be plenty of celebratory songs to cut a rug to. Bring your dancin’ shoes!


So put on those party pants, Nashville – or maybe just keep them handy till’ Friday. We’ll be bundling up and getting ready for the weekend by browsing Wannado for all our Nashville needs, from restaurant suggestions to where our favorite artist is playing. Here’s your free download…we’ll see you out there!

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