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2020 Pilgrimage Music and Arts Festival Canceled Due to COVID-19 Concerns


The 2020 Pilgrimage Festival, an annual music and arts festival in Franklin, TN, is canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, states a press release.

The two-day festival was scheduled for late September at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin.

Early bird ticket buyers may transfer their tickets to use in 2021 or receive full refunds, including all fees. 

“With pieces in place, we were fully ready to accelerate preparations to host the festival this year. However, it became clear that the assurance for public safety would be difficult at best, and we needed to postpone until 2021,” said Brandt Wood, one of the festival’s co-producers in a release. “We had sincerely hoped that Pilgrimage would serve its annual role to bring the community out to celebrate music and, particularly this year, to celebrate coming back together. Alas, the circumstances require us to look to next year for this.”

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“We couldn’t be more appreciative of the support provided by the City of Franklin staff and officials, as well as Friends of Franklin Parks over the years, and particularly over the past few weeks as we’ve worked closely together to assess the situation,” he added.

Pilgrimage Festival is already in planning mode for 2021.

“Our goal of becoming an annual cultural institution has been achieved and our desire to continue to evolve the Pilgrimage experience is undiminished,” added Wood. ‘There is simply no substitute for live music and the healing power it can provide. We know people will be more than ready to rejoice in this experience again when the climate improves.”

 Ticket holders can transfer their ticket to 2021 or request a refund. Pilgrimage Festival will contact ticket holders in the next week.

“From all of the Pilgrimage managers, staff, vendors and, of course, the artists, we want to thank everyone for their support over the first five years. We are committed to many more years of great music, local flavor and fellowship in Franklin,” he said. 

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