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Donatos to Expand Nashville Presence through Delivery-Only Kitchens


With the continued growth and popularity of the family-owned brand’s famous Edge to Edge® topped thin crust pizzas, Donatos is pleased to announce a new partnership with REEF Kitchens to expand its presence in Nashville beginning on June 23.

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In just five years since coming to Music City, Donatos has become a favorite of locals, visitors and students from both Vanderbilt and Belmont at its location in Midtown. An additional restaurant opened in nearby Murfreesboro four years ago, but requests for more locations and expanded delivery options around Nashville have continued to pour in.

Now, through the delivery-only partnership with REEF, customers in more areas of Music City and the surrounding communities will be able to order Donatos on demand.  REEF has a national network of Neighborhood Kitchens that enables food entrepreneurs, local restaurants, and national brands to open and quickly expand their delivery business. The newest Donatos location in Nashville will service the East Nashville neighborhoods via delivery from all major delivery platforms including UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub.

“We are excited about this new partnership and the ability to help more Nashville residents enjoy our pizza,” said Donatos CEO Tom Krouse. “REEF is a scalable way to grow our business through delivery.”

“In a time where delivery, convenience, and quality are king, we’re honored to tap our Neighborhood Kitchens to help Donatos reach new customers in Nashville,” said Carl Segal, REEF’s Chief Enterprise Success Officer.

This is the first of what both Donatos and REEF hope will be a multi-city growth venture throughout the country between the brands. Combining increased interest with new franchise partners, its partnership with Red Robin, and potential with REEF, the Donatos brand, which can now be found in 300 locations, is positioned for explosive growth in 2021 and beyond.

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