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6 Must-Have Essentials for a Football Themed Party


Need Tailgate Decorating Ideas?

We’ve got you covered. Take your tailgate party decorations to the next level with these easy (and affordable) DIY ideas. Whether you’re hosting the neighborhood’s biggest Super Bowl watch or just getting the kids’ team together to review this season’s highlight reel take some ideas out of this blog for the ultimate football themed party!

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6 Easy & Fun Football Themed Party Ideas

#1 Ready2Fold Stadium Kits – Win or lose, you’ve still got great food at your tailgate party! Elevate your dining experience (literally) with Ready2Fold Stadium Kits! Our party stadiums allow you to show team spirit while also putting out your spread of food in a fun and space-efficient way!

Ready2Fold Stadium Kits are the perfect accessory for any football themed party (or any party hosted by sports fans!). These party stadiums are easy-to-fold, reusable, and require no tools whatsoever. Shop Ready2Fold Stadium Kits for your next tailgate themed party, Fourth of July, house party, birthday, graduation, family reunion, or any other event – big or small! Ready2Fold Stadium Kits are fully customizable. Select your team colors, and get your kit shipped straight to your door in time for the big game!

#2 Football “Turf” Placemats – Check out Sugar & Cloth for the details on creating some amazing DIY football turf placemats. This crafty project is easy and fun! Just pick up some Astro Turf and white craft paint to create placemats or coasters that look like a slice of the field!

#3 Game Day Drink Tub – Shoutout to Evite for this amazing tailgate themed party idea! Take your drink tub to the next level by building a goal post with PVC pipe. Spray paint the posts yellow and wrap the tub in the leftover Astro Turf you have from our second football themed party idea on the list!

#4 Backdrop With a Plan – Kudos to Pink Peppermint Design for this fun idea! Place a large chalkboard behind your spread of food for a backdrop straight out of an expert tailgate host’s playbook! Next, take a thick piece of chalk and draw out a simple football play. (Check out the blog for an easy-to-follow example). If you don’t have a chalkboard, just pick up a foam board at your local craft store and use a thick white pen to draw out the play. You got this one, coach!

#5 DIY Eating Utensil Holders – Save some empty cans, remove the labels, and paint them brown. Next, take some white paint or a thick white marker and draw the “laces” across the “football.” Bam! You’ve got the perfect contains for holding forks, spoons, and knives in your buffet line!

#6 Edible Football Field – If you love cake decorating, you’re going to love this. Check out Party City’s edible football field appetizer for a fun homemade project! You’ll need a large serving dish. Fill one “endzone” with salsa and the other with nacho cheese dip. Fill out the “field” portion of the dish with guacamole. Put a little sour cream into a squeezing tube to create the “yard lines.” Finish off your edible football field with some cherry tomatoes (the “players”).

What Are Your Favorite Tailgate Party Decorations?

What are some of your favorite tailgate decorating ideas?? Tell us on Facebook! Also, we’d love to see pictures of your Ready2Fold Stadium Kit setups! Share your party stadiums and football themed parties with us on Facebook or on Instagram. Tag @Ready2Fold!

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