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How Leak Gopher Turns Your Ordinary Home Into a Smart Home


Do you use any of the new SMART home products, like the SMART door locks, SMART Home Lights, cameras and thermostats? Well, there’s another way to make your home smart – the Leak Gopher Z-Wave Controller powered by Homeseer.

What Is It & How It Works
Leak Gopher is a water leak monitoring system. It works by monitoring and alerting you as soon as a leak begins – at the first drop of water.

What makes the Leak Gopher Z-Wave Controller so neat is that it opens up your home to the world of smart home technology. Z-Wave is kind of like Bluetooth for your house, most SMART home devices use it.

Leak Gopher Z-Wave Controller Details:

  • The Z-Wave Leak Gopher kit comes with 3 wireless sensors so that you can place them in any area of your home where you would like to monitor for water damage. If you need additional water sensors, you can purchase those as well.
  • As soon as the Leak Gopher Water Sensor detects water, it immediately communicates and turns off the water to your home. And once the water is turned off, stopping the water damage, it can send you an email alert letting you know!
  • You can even use the Homeseer App to control all of your new SMART Home Technology, Including Your Leak Gopher Water Valve. Going on vacation? Simply Turn Off Your Water until you get back. You can touch a screen from anywhere in the world and turn off the water to your home!
  • The Leak Gopher also comes equipped with easy- to- use buttons that allow you to simply turn the water on and off to your home with the simple push of a button.

Why You Need the Leak Gopher Z-Wave Controller
Water damage claims tend to be among the most severe damage when it comes to property damage claims. On average, claims with water damage are more than $10k for each claim with the total bill equaling more than $13 billion across all homeowner’s insurance companies in 2017! Don’t be a statistic! Leak Gopher detects leaks and stops them in their tracks, saving you thousands of dollars in potential water damage.

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