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Now Open in Nashville: December 2019


This new Nashville we’re living in means new restaurants e’rywhere e’ry month! Here’s the latest round up of new hot spots that opened their doors this month!




1. Paradise Park

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The best early Christmas gift to Nashville.. Paradise Park re-opened! The Goldberg brothers closed down the beloved bar less than two years ago to open the Downtown Sporting Club. After some time, they decided to split the first level of the Downtown Sporting Club and re-open Paradise Park, astro turf and all. The bar just opened this month and all of Nashville said, “Hallelujah!”

Paradise Park | 411 Broadway | Downtown Nashville


2. Once Upon A Time in France

You don’t have to travel to France to enjoy authentic French cuisine! There’s a new restaurant open in Nashville called, Once Upon A Time in France, that’s delicious as it is charming! The Parisian bistro is owned and operated by a French family living here in Nashville. Head on over there and bon apetit!

Once Upon A Time in France | 1102 Gallatin Avenue | Nashville


3. Red Phone Booth

Take a step into this red phone booth and back into time. Red Phone Booth is a 1920’s speakeasy in downtown Nashville that serves craft cocktails and cigars. While it’s open to the public, you have to have a secret code from a member to be able to get in. That’s where the red phone booth comes in.. step inside, dial in the secret code and you’re in! It doesn’t get more speakeasy than that!

Red Phone Booth | 136 Rosa Parks Blvd. | Nashville


4. The Hampton Social

The new place in Nashville to eat seafood and rose all day! The Hampton Social brings coastal vibes to landlocked Tennessee. Inside the three-story venue, you’ll find plenty of dining, a bar, a rose lounge, an Instagrammable flower wall, rooftop and so much more. We have a feeling the summer vibes will be strong here!

The Hampton Social | 222 Second Avenue | Nashville


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