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Finding the Perfect Place for Your Pool


You’ve decided to dive in and put a custom pool in your yard. Now you have to figure out the perfect place to put it. The good news is that working with an experienced custom pool designer can provide you with guidance. But to get ready for your meeting with the pool designer, here are a few things to consider in contemplation of where to build your pool and outdoor living space.

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Zoning and Regulations
You’ll need to consider the laws, zones and regulations in your area. This could mean your county, city or even your neighborhood. There may be restrictions regarding how close a pool can be to the edge of your property, fence line or house – or other caveats.
You’ll also need to consider utilities. For obvious reasons, a pool cannot be built where underground utilities (power lines, pipes, etc.) or septic tanks have already been placed. It’s also best not to put the pool under electric lines or trees. Finally, you’ll need to research whether you need permits to build the pool.

Don’t worry – you’ve got a partner in Peek Pools. We can move your project through all the necessary regulatory steps.

Pay attention to where the sun hits your potential pool spot. Watch for a few days during the season you’ll be most prone to using your pool to see where the shadows fall and the sun shines. This will give you a pretty good idea if it will meet your sunning needs. (Remember, it’s easier to keep a pool warm when it gets natural sunshine.)

Also be aware of the wind exposure. A constant cross breeze can cool the pool and cause evaporation, not to mention cause you to be chilly every time you exit your pool!

Another consideration when thinking where to build your custom pool is proximity. Having good lines of sight is paramount when you have small children. It’s also nice to not have to walk too terribly far when carrying frosty, refreshing drinks out from the house. Proximity also matters when it comes to storage. Will you have easy access to equipment to maintain the pool? Do you have or need outdoor storage for towels, toys and umbrellas?

When planning your outdoor oasis, take into account the existing landscape. Is your proposed space flat or hilly? Will it require grading or retaining walls? You are building much more than just a pool… you are installing a space to relax and enjoy nature, family and friends.

In Middle Tennessee, the outdoor living space can extend well beyond the summer months! Plan your space according to the pool, the foliage you have and the aesthetic look you’re aiming to achieve. This may include outdoor living areas complete with kitchen, barbecues, seating areas, fireplaces and decking. Contact award winning Peek Pools to begin designing your custom pool! Call us at 615-866-8800.

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