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80s Retro Play Date | 3 Reasons To Be There Or Be Square


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Ladies, find your banana clips and Rave hairspray and get ready for a gnarly night out. Dudes, tight roll those acid washed jeans – the babes are psyched to party with you at the Adventure Science Center’s Way Late Play Date. (Turns out, the real fun begins when the staff herds all the kids out of Nashville’s science edutainment destination).

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July’s Theme is 80s Retro and you don’t want to miss this totally tubular 21 and up event. Find details below plus three reasons to be there or be square.


Way Late Play Date | 80s Retro (Age 21+)


Adventure Science Center


Saturday, July 15th, 6:30-10:00 pm


It’s More Fun Than Your Prom… 

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…But you still get to dress up and hang in the dark with your crush. Our prom’s theme was A Night to Remember, but frankly, we’d rather not. But you can take it back to the old days by dressing up for the costume contest. (Dibs on the fingerless lace gloves!)

Unlike your prom, alcohol is allowed, and included in your ticket price are three beverage tickets. There’s wine, soda and beer from local breweries Jackalope, Mayday and New Heights (way better than the malt liquor the football players were drinking in the bathroom back in the day.)


Everyone’s Doing It

80s prom dancing

Event sponsor KRAVE teamed up with community partners Boheme’s Banana Boat, The Escape Game, Hip Hues, Steaming Goat and TN Ghostbusters to make this event one-of-a-kind. Just like when the queen bees planned a righteous senior skip day. Except this time EVERYONE is invited.


Learn Something While You’re At It

weird science 2

There’s trivia that will let you flex your useless knowledge skills (babes dig that) and live science demos with your fave 80s products. Just don’t trust anyone who says it’s okay to consume Pop Rocks and Coke at the same time.

You’ll also get some great advance intel on all things eclipse while viewing ECLIPSE: The Sun Revealed (“The Final Countdown”) in Sudekum Planetarium. No Max Headroom shades required for this eclipse viewing.


Grab Your Tickets

Don’t wait, limited tickets remain and this is your chance to do that clichéd ugly duckling to swan transformation — just don’t forget the shoulder pads and Aqua Net.



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