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4 Reasons Your Next Nashville Date Night Should Be at the Planetarium


Sure, you’ve driven by and admired the technicolor light show on the pyramid-shaped top of the Adventure Science Center on your way to celebrate Taco Tuesday at Subcultural Cafe. But did you ever think of taking Bae?

Well, you should.

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Here are our 4 reasons the Second Saturday event series is the date night you never knew you needed.


The planetarium as you’ve never seen it before.

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This is WAY better than that time you went to the planetarium on your 8th grade field trip and Russell Hammond stuck his gum in your hair on the school bus. (Not that we would know anything about that.)

Sudekum Planetarium’s Second Saturday features a fulldome experience that will make your typical dinner-and-a-movie date seem downright basic.


A One-of-a-Kind Sensory Experience.

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Sudekum Planetarium features a 63-foot dome where you will be immersed in sights and sounds, featuring fractals, kaleidoscopes and other experiences you won’t get anywhere else in town. Just don’t use the phrase “experiences you won’t get anywhere else in town”  in reference to yourself when inviting your potential plus-one. That’s creepy.


Gain appreciation for new art and culture.

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This month’s feature is Art Universe, which was created for VoodooFest 2015.

If your date isn’t impressed with your creative plans for a night out and the cultural references of this show, she or he’s sure not going to be impressed with your miniature cat figurine collection (so don’t even try.)


Experience Cutting-Edge 3D Technology

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This marriage of arts and science is Keith-and-Nicole-level awesome. Artists and developers work together to bring life to still artistic images using animation, 3D modeling and compositing. And no, we don’t know how that works either, but your sweetie will surely be impressed by the genius behind such a stunning show.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and enjoy a uniquely fun night out with that special someone.




6:30 pm
Skies Over Nashville | Live Show 
Special after-hours edition of our best-selling show: Explore the wonders observable from your own back yard! Stars, constellations, planets, and deep space objects are waiting to amaze you; learn how to find them for yourself in this live show!

7:30 pm
Produced for VoodooFest 2015, this stunning, immersive creation, featuring original score and sound design, brings still artistic images to fulldome life using 3D modelling, animation and compositing to put the audience inside the art.

8:30 pm
ElectroPop | LASER SHOW 
Get ready to start the Applause! As soon as this laser show starts, you’ll be Happy grooving the night away to the hottest pop tunes from this decade. But mind your manners, please… no #SELFIEs during the show!

9:30 pm
ElectroLaze EDM | LASER SHOW 
Are you always waiting for “the drop” to hit? Catch up on the EDM craze by settling into the ELECTROLAZE with Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, MSTRKRFT and more.

Hypnotica Electronica | LASER SHOW 
The mind-bending music of the Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Prodigy, and others are combined with mesmerizing laser graphics, fulldome, digital imagery, and 6.5 million stars to take the audience on an incredible journey.


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