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After 13 Years, Marche Artisan Foods Permanently Closes


Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville will not reopen.

Via Facebook, the restaurant shared after 13 years, they will not be serving customers.

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“Dear friends, after 13 years we are sad to let you know that Marche will not be reopening it’s doors. We want very much to thank you for your support over the years. The tornado, the ongoing battle against Covid 19 and now the latest racial uprisings have exhausted and overwhelmed us.”

They continued, “Marche’s concept does not translate easily to a to-go platform. Without 100% occupancy we would lose revenue. The lease comes to term at the end of the year and we are uncomfortable making a further commitment in these uncertain times. We may be losing the physical space but we are not losing the essence of Marche.”

There is good news, you can purchase Marche items at Cafe Margot.

“Beginning soon you will be able to get peach ricotta tartines, French toast and cafe au lait at Margot. Served by the same Marche staff! Thank you again! We look forward to seeing you soon!”

Marche Artisan Foods is the sister restaurant to Cafe Margot which is owned and operated by Chef Margot McCormack.

For the latest updates, follow Marche Artisan Foods on Facebook. 

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