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After 65 Years, Little’s Fish Market is Closing


Little’s Fish Market in Germantown will close on Friday, Mar. 5. The market has been in business for 65 years.

The market shared the news of its closing on their website. They stated, “Our family has been truly blessed to serve the Nashville community for the past 65 years. This has been a difficult but necessary decision for us to make. We hope you can understand. We apologize for the inconvenience that this will cause to you all. We would love to see you all at our Clarksville store if you can make the trip.┬áThank you again for the many years of business!”

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Owner, Chris Little told News Channel 5, the closure wasn’t due to COVID, they had actually had one of their best years, however, they did receive an offer on the building and the market will reopen as a restaurant.

Little’s Fish Market became popular when the Predators were in the run for the Stanely Cup as they unofficially supplied the catfish fans threw on the ice.

Visit Little’s Fish Market in Germantown at 1234 6th Avenue North, Nashville, or the Clarksville location at 319 Providence Boulevard, Clarksville.

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