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Attaboy Nashville Reopens


Attaboy Nashville reopened on October 23 after being closed since March due to tornado damage.

Located at 8 McFerrin Avenue, the local bar shared the news of its reopening after incurring damages during the tornado in March, which destroyed their building and took the lives of two employees- Albree Sexton and Michael Dolfini.

Via Facebook, they stated, “Friends, so many of you have asked, and we’re so excited to finally answer – Attaboy Nashville will be opening its doors once again this Friday, October 23. Excited and humbled do not even begin to cover it. So for now, we’ll just say thank you – and make you the best cocktails so that we can make you feel like we never skipped a beat. You’ll see some new faces, and of course be severely missing some old ones – but we’re here, still, and we’re going to make the most of it.”

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“In this time, we ask that you be nothing but thoughtful and respectful, carrying kindness and respect for our staff, refraining from questions about March 3 and all that came with it. Love you. See you soon,” they continued.

Hours for the bar are 4 pm – 11 pm.<

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