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Ben Folds Wants To Save RCA Studio A, & These 3 Songs Will Get You On Board


“While we Nashvillians can feel proud about the overall economic progress and prosperity we’re enjoying, we know it’s not always so kind to historical spaces, or to the legacy and foundation upon which that prosperity was built.”

Ben Folds is a champion of Nashville culture. The producer/singer-songwriter has worked with everyone from William Shatner to Regina Spektor, expertly mentored groups on The Sing Off, and constantly thrown his support behind local organizations through his art (like his album with the INCREDIBLE Nashville Symphony). You may also know that Folds has been a tenant of RCA Studio A, the sister studio of the historic RCA Studio B. RCA A is a testament to the foundations of Music City; its worn tiles have beared the weight of many a music superstar, and the space has seen its share of legendary music moments. We’ll let Ben do the explaining about the current situation (read his full open letter here), but we want to do our part to rally around the iconic studio and preserve the things that make our city great. Let’s rally, Music City – we think we could be a part of something truly amazing. If you need any more convincing on the significance of RCA Studio A, here are just three performances that have been captured at the historic building.

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Tony Bennett & John Mayer, One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)

This video was taken in the actual studio (along with videos of Bennett’s duets with Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, and Carrie Underwood). To capture the timeless sound, it was important for the track to have a live feel. RCA Studio A was the perfect fit.

Dolly Parton, I Will Always Love You

The queen of Music City (as far as we’re concerned) recorded two of her iconic hits in one session at RCA Studio A – “Jolene” AND “I Will Always Love You”.

Ben Folds, The Frown Song (Studio Take)

This video of Folds jammin’ beautifully shows the collaborative element that comes from the openness of the studio.

There you go, y’all. Read the letter, listen to the music, and let’s try to think of our city’s future with respect for its past. You can find all the things that make our town uniquely Nashville with Wannado. We’ll see you out there!

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