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Celebrate Tonight’s Movie In The Park “FROZEN” With These 4 Crazy Parodies


Do you wanna build a snowman/watch a movie in the park?

Of course you do. The Movie In The Park series at Elmington is a Nashville summer favorite, and what better film to show in this southern heat than the heartwarming musical set in a frozen tundra? Frozen has taken over the cultural landscape, launching a million sing-a-longs, parodies, and public mispronunciations of “Idina Menzel” (sorry, John Travolta, but yup – we’re looking at you). If you meet a kid, just know that they LOVELOVELOVE Frozen. In fact, meet any human, and odds are they love Frozen too. To celebrate and get us pumped for the outdoor community movie night (details HERE in Wannado), here are 4 of the craziest/cutest parodies:

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Pearl Jam Interrupts Their Concert To Cover “Let It Go”

It is appropriate that Eddie Vedder interrupted the song “Daughter” with the pop hit, because his two young daughters are probably behind his Frozen fandom. We’d be proud to have our rockstar dad channel his inner snow queen.

Star Wars & Frozen: “Do You Want To Kill Some Rebels?”

We don’t condone the TIE pilot’s end goal to kill some rebels (like Obi Wan, our allegiance is to The Republic), but there’s something oddly heartwarming about the melodic plea to Darth Vader. Bonus points for projecting Olaf like Princess Leia.

Dad & Daughter Lip Sync “Love Is An Open Door”

Well this is just precious. Talk about a father’s love (and just ask Eddie Vedder – Frozen is the bomb). They even do the robot at the right time! That attention to detail is gonna get her into a good college, pops.

Opponent Slams Politician With The Weirdest “Let It Go” Parody Ever

So this is just ridiculous. Points for creativity?

So for the first time in forever, we’re going to let it go – because love is an open door in summer. For all the outdoor movies, happy hours, concerts, sporting events, and a million other things the city has to offer, make sure you grab Wannado! We’ll keep you in the loop and help you connect to your city, champ.

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