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Brown’s Diner Starts 2021 with a New Owner


The iconic burger joint, located in Hillsboro Village, has a new owner, reports the Nashville Scene.

Owner, Jim Love confirmed he has sold the diner which he has owned for the last 47 years.

Located at 2102 Blair Avenue, the restaurant is a former mule-drawn trolley converted to what has become one of the best places to grab a burger.

Scene reports that the new owners have ties to Edley’s Barb-B-Q and plan to retain the current staff as well as keep the original look of the restaurant.

Brown’s Diner has the record for the longest-holding beer license in Nashville dating back to 1937 when original owner Oda Brown, who named the restaurant after her husband Charlie Brown, opened the diner.

Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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