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Citizen Cope plays tonight at Marathon Music Works


So much soul in that beard.

“Rawness improbably balanced by a mixture of danger and delicacy is what gives Citizen Cope his edge. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, he stands alone—an artist immune to corruption.”Rolling Stone

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Local Musicians and Music Lovers,

Songwriting extraordinaire and godly guitarist Citizen Cope is strutting through Nashville tonight with his stories and six-string, and you’ll find him headlining over at Marathon Music Works (doors at 8pm, opening act starts at 9pm). If you’re not sure exactly who Citizen Cope is, it’s probably a safe bet to say that you know at least a few of songs, but may not have known they were his creations. Be sure to check out his website to put a name to one of your favorite tracks like “Let the Drummer Kick,” “Sideways,” “Son’s Gonna Rise,” the last of which you’ll find conveniently at the bottom of this post.

A critically-acclaimed songwriter, Citizen Cope’s work has been recorded by a number of vastly different musical artists — including Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Dido, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, folk legend Richie Havens, and Chicago-based hip-hop artist Rhymefest — which stands as a testament to the indefinable genre Cope has created. Citizen Cope’s songs have also been licensed to appear in numerous films, soundtracks, and commercials. To quote from the About section of his website, as a child of Memphis “dug deep into the rich soil of American music, Cope’s roots are complex. You may think of Bill Withers or Neil Young or John Lee Hooker or Van Morrison or Willie Nelson or Al Green. Yet, listening to Cope, you also may think of none of the above. You may not think at all, but rather feel a man exposing stories that haunt his heart.”


(P.S. — Sorry for pushing this post out so late today. All of my technology just gave up within a 24-hour span, and today became an unplanned tech-repair day with activities including getting a replacement phone from the geniuses at the Apple Store and playing Operation on my Sony laptop. But, all is well once again.)

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