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Country Artist Abby Anderson is Engaged


Abby Anderson introduced us to a man with “dark hair” and “brown eyes” when she proclaimed, “I thank the GOOD LORD, I got a good man” in the lyrics of her 2019 song, “GOOD LORD.” Little did fans know, she was referring to Georgia native, Tyler Graham-who she now calls her fiance’ as of this weekend.

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Anderson and Graham have been social distancing together in Georgia, along with some of Anderson’s siblings due to the stay at home orders. This past weekend, Anderson’s older sister Ashlin decorated a canoe with a beautiful flower arrangement for the couple to take a romantic boat ride. In the middle of the lake, Graham got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Making the proposal more interesting during these uncertain times, Graham presented her a ring made of wildflowers until the jewelers open back up and they can design her ring. Anderson took to her Instagram to share the news capturing the gorgeous moment from shore.

“GOOD LORD” is the first but not the only song the Black River artist wrote about him, Anderson shared with her followers Monday during her weekly Instagram Livestream, Silver Lining Moments with Abby and Friends. The “I’ll Still Love You” singer stopped to make a note: “By the way, when I wrote this, we hadn’t told each other we loved each other yet… Awkward!” then continued to finish the song, with a giant smile on her face the whole time.

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