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Dairy King Announces Closure After 50 Years


Dairy King, a family-owned restaurant located at 306 E Thompson Lane in Nashville, will permanently close in a few days. The Jones family has operated the Dairy King for the last fifty years.

Via Facebook, they stated, “Due to circumstances beyond our control, effective August 3, the Dairy King will cease operations until further notice. Under the current conditions, we simply cannot make ends meet. We lost all catering jobs the second week of March. We cater to churches, schools, and offices so no explanation is necessary. That is 25% of our sales. We are maintaining 70% to 75% of our normal restaurant sales which translates to a 50% loss of income. We cannot pay 100% of our expenses with 50% of our income. The funding we received in April from the SBA has also been exhausted.”

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“I really cannot imagine my life without the Dairy King in it. After 50 years, it becomes part of your DNA. Our family has had an amazing run. I am so proud of the legacy my parents left. The wonderful product and the reputation of community service preceded me. It was an honor for me to buy the business in 2000 and try to continue to meet the standards my folks had established. Dairy King has the greatest fans on the planet and that was on display the past four months. We sold 400 t-shirts, that is amazing. Hopefully, there is someone interested in buying the Dairy King brand and would like to keep this icon of Woodbine going. Carolyn and I would stay on and train and try make it a smooth transition. Until that time, going forward, we are in a position to keep the catering business going if and when this pandemic is over and churches, schools and offices can operate at full capacity,” they continued.

The building is for sale and earlier this year there was an intent to purchase the property but the deal fell through after COVID hit.

You still have time to visit the iconic restaurant. For the latest updates, visit their Facebook page.

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