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E + Rose Wellness Cafe Opens in WeHo


E+Rose Wellness Cafe recently opened a new location in the WeHo (Wedgewood-Houston) neighborhood at 610 Merritt Boulevard, Nashville.

Robbie Nowinski founder/owner of E+Rose Wellness Cafe is a registered dietician. He created E + Rose Wellness Cafe out of a passion for health and wellness. As a former collegiate athlete, he understands how nutrition fuels the body.

Their website states the mantra for the cafe is to provide the best for you and your family as if it were our own.

“We eat here ourselves, and so do our friends, families, and significant others. Everything we serve is something you would find in our own kitchens and the experience we provide is the same as if you were a guest in our home.”

Items found on the menu include superfood bowls with a choice of acai or dragon fruit. They also offer a variety of smoothies from high protein, bulletproof, greens-based, and basic. You can also find a selection of toast, wraps, salads, and seasonal soups. In addition,  cold-pressed juices are the menu. If you are looking for a cleanse or prepped meals, they have offerings where you can choose from one to three-day plans.

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E+Rose Cafe has two other locations – Brentwood and downtown Nashville.

Hours of operation are seven days a week from 9 am – 5 pm. To stay current with E+Rose Wellness Cafe, follow them on Facebook.

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