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Facemasks Spread Message of Hope During COVID-19 Pandemic


‘I Believe in Hope’ facemasks are coming to Nashville. The masks are the brainchild of Tim Gerst and Rich Egan, who owns the I Believe in Nashville brand that sold thousands of tee shirts to help tornado victims. The initial order of 20,000 masks sold out in about four hours, and almost 9,000 of the second order of 20,0000 are already gone. Facemasks will start being delivered next week.

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These Safety Shield Masks offer three layers of protection and they are washable. A one hundred percent polyester performance fabric that provides breathability and filtration efficiency comprises the first layer, as well as, the all-important nose grip. The next layer is made up of non-woven thermal bonded polypropylene, creating another layer of protection. A UV50 high performance one hundred percent polyester outer layer is printed with the message. Elastic ear loops keep the mask fitting tightly.

Masks cost eight dollars and can be pre-ordered at A maximum of three masks are allowed per order.

According to the website, “With the COVID-19 pandemic, the evidence has shown that wearing a face mask in public can reduce the likelihood of spreading the disease. While we encourage you to stay at home and follow your local regulations, if you must travel or go in public, we want to help equip you with a mask to protect you, while also spreading the message of hope in these hard times.”

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