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How to Choose a Pool Contractor


Building a custom pool in your backyard is a massive undertaking. But it’s also a thrilling and highly rewarding one. Having your own pool means having a private retreat, an escape… a place for the family to gather. Choosing the right pool contractor for such an important job is critical.

Interview Your Pool Contractor

Your contractor is someone that you will work with for several months. You may even use the same company for ongoing maintenance or further expansion of your outdoor area. All to say, this can be a long-term relationship, so it’s important to make sure that you like and trust the pool contractor.

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At Peek Pools, we offer free consultations to kickoff the design process. We come out to your site and listen to your desires and ideas. We take measurements and develop a plan for review. This plan may evolve as we work together to develop the perfect plan from which the estimate is created.

During this get-to-know-you phase, we encourage customers to ask any and all questions about the process. Transparency is very important to our company; we believe in being honest, open, and upfront in all of our business dealings.


Secondly, ask your pool contractor about materials. Our team at Peek Pools, for example, uses proper steel reinforcement, which includes oversized steel that ties to a steel curtain in 10-inch squares. We also use a type of shotcrete that is our own special design mix from a local concrete plant. Not all materials are equal, and not all pool contractors use the same materials. Ask your contractor before hiring!


Craftsmanship is another critical area that you’ll want to talk about with your pool contractor. Peek Pools employs dedicated, experienced craftsmen who know how to apply expertly smooth finishes and work with luxury materials. We never accept sub-par performance from any member of our team.


Finally, your pool contractor absolutely must be a clear communicator. Construction jobs can be complex and can run into unforeseen issues. Our job, as your pool contractor, is to make the process as seamless as possible for you. If issues do arise, we address them promptly and ensure you’re always informed of any changes.

Get a Free Consultation from Peek Pools

Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Peek Pools? Ready to start building the outdoor space of your dreams – the right way? We can help. Call Peek Pools today at (615) 866-8800.

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