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Iconic Nashville Burger Spot Closes


If you have lived in Nashville for very long, you’ve heard about the iconic burger spot, Rotier’s Restaurant.

The family-owned restaurant, in business for 75 years, has permanently closed, as first reported by the Tennessean. 

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An unassuming building with award-winning burgers sits next to Vanderbilt campus at 2413 Elliston Place. Not only was it known for its burgers it had a long list of celebrities who stopped by for a burger. The list includes Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, Kiefer Sutherland, Robin Williams, and many more. The restaurant was forced to close during the pandemic like many others.

Owner Margaret Rotier Crouse told the Tennesseean that restrictive COVID-19 rules, along with limiting the number of patrons, spelled disaster for the restaurant. Then she received the news of the current building owner telling them they would have to relocate.

The history of Rotier’s dates back to WWII. Via the website, it states that Rotier’s was serving burgers back in 1945 and was started by John and Evelyn Rotier. The couple had three children – John, Margaret, and Charlie.

John Rotier died back in 1981, Evelyn died in 2014, John Jr. died in 1999, followed by Charlie in September 2020. In addition, the family restaurant suffered the loss of longtime cook, Ben Malone last year.

Margaret is a second generation owner who stated to the Tennesseean, “This has been here since I was born. It’s hard.”

There is a little hope, Crouse said her niece and nephew might be looking for a new spot and the vintage signs and memorabilia will go into storage.

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