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Impact Hub Opens In Nashville: Here Are Their All-Star Tenants


“All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.”

Yes, we attribute this quote to the truly terrifying Jack Nicholson character in The Shining (which we hope you watched at the Belcourt’s midnight movie a few months back). However, minus the creepiness, this motto works pretty well for Music City. We think it’s fair to say we’ve become a hot city for innovation and entrepreneurship, with startups and corporations alike calling Nashville home and taking the marketplace by storm. It’s also apparent that Nashville has a generally laidback approach to the work environment, building company culture’s that are free-flowing and stimulating. But in a community of small businesses with a less traditional 9 to 5 environment, one question remains: where to set up camp?

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There has been an influx of co-working spaces sweeping the 615, and we can’t get enough. The most recent grand opening? Impact Hub! Vanderbilt grad Trevor Burbank is heading up the spot that’s set up shop in Houston Station. High ceilings, exposed brick, and big windows give lots of light and wide open spaces to get those creative juices flowin’. Some of the perks? Free coffee and tea (yes please), super easy parking (even for your bikes, active fellas/ladies), and lightning fast wifi. We love a good list of amenities (fun fact: Wannado is settin’ up temporary shop in IH while our carpets get a makeover), but another major perk: being surrounded by some of the top-notch business talent in the ‘ville. Here are just a few of the tenants:

Taco Bike

Friendly Faces Ride A Bike To Bring You Tacos


This sounds like a dream. A friendly Nashville face delivering breakfast tacos to you around the clock on a bike? We are sold. Incidentally, so is the rest of Nashville. This brand new variation on the food truck/taco craze just surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, and they’ll be working out of Impact Hub as they ramp up to deliver us all the tacos our little hearts could desire. So excited we can’t even taco ’bout it.

A News Source That Will Actually Inspire You

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.54.39 PM

These days, the news can be pretty hard to watch. Yes, we definitely benefit from being aware of the darkness and need in the world around us, but constantly dwelling on all that goes wrong can almost have an adverse effect on activism, making those that watch/read the bad news feel helpless and unable to change the world around them. is flipping the script on negative click bait news articles! The website houses some of the most inspirational stories on the web and doesn’t take away from their depth, but adds value by delivering the stories AND spreading the news about opportunities to help the community and the world at large. Follow their stuff for your daily source of inspiration and live by their mantra – “Let’s shift culture together.”


Image courtesy of SouthernAlpha
Image courtesy of SouthernAlpha

You’ve probably heard of Everly. The healthy alternative to artifical (and pretty terrible-tasting) drink mixes on the market has been sweeping Nashville for a couple of years now. Vanderbilt grads – and dynamic duo – Kyle McCollum and Chris Cole set out on a mission to create a socially conscious, sustainable, and downright tasty drink mix give the consumer back some energy. The drink mix can be found all over (the joyous picture above was taken at Whole Foods when the Everly products first hit the shelves), and you can now find the Everly team chillin’ at Impact Hub. The best part about the company? For every box of Everly sold, they provide a packet of Oral Rehydration Salts to treat children sick with waterborne disease. What a worthy cause!


So yeah, these are just a few of the amazing tenants enjoying the brand new space. So great! Check them out if you’re looking for a workspace (or an event space) – they have some amazingly affordable and awesome membership packages. For all your networking opportunities and more, grab Wannado! We’ll keep you in the Nashville loop and help you discover all the city has to offer.


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