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Kavana Rum Announces Partnership with Country Music Artist Jacob Bryant


Kavana Rum has just inked a highly anticipated partnership deal with Country Singer/Songwriter Jacob Bryant.

Kavana’s motto is “Success Has Great Taste,” and Jacob Bryant is no stranger to success with his own style of Country music that combines the storytelling and heart of traditional Country with hard-hitting Southern Rock.

“This is a great day for Kavana,'” said Kavana CEO Josh Tolley, as he and Bryant signed the paperwork at the Country Music Hall of Fame. “Huge News! Taking over the Country Music and Rum World,” said Bryant. “Super excited to partner with my friends at Kavana Rum. Get yourself a taste of the best rum on the planet,” Bryant went on to say.

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As a long-time sponsor of music and events, Kavana knows what it means to celebrate the biggest moments in sports and music by bringing impactful and dynamic experiences to the fans.

This year Kavana and Jacob will be spreading the word with tours, meet and greets, advertising, custom VIP packages, epic celebrations, and a number of other surprises. The Kavana team will be providing a myriad of ways for consumers to get involved and participate in the festivities.

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