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Local Fashion Company Elizabeth Suzann Announces Closure


Local design and manufacturing company Elizabeth Suzann has announced the closure of its studio.

Via Facebook, the company shared the news, “My friends, it is time for me to share some incredibly difficult news. This chapter of ES, as we know it, is coming to a close. The hit to our made-to-order sales over the past two months, as well as the hit to our lead time from being out of our warehouse for an extended period of time, are too severe for us to recover from in a healthy and responsible way.”

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“I will say this clearly because I do not want to be misinterpreted: I know that sending our team home was the right thing to do for their safety, and I know that the decrease in sales we are experiencing is because so many of you are also in a place of financial uncertainty. This is a situation that is out of everyone’s control, and there is no way I would have sacrificed my team’s health or asked customers to spend more with us when their own family’s security is in jeopardy,” it continued. 

While Elizabeth Suzann explains there’s a current demand for their clothing, the overhead along with the time to turnaround the sales would cost too much for the company financially to continue.

“We will be producing all existing orders and orders that come in this week in May, June, and July with our current team before wrapping things up,” they shared. “We are following our local and state guidelines for returning to work, and as such are not able to resume normal operations at our warehouse just yet. Our goal is to get existing orders cut safely (which has to happen in our warehouse, so we need a strategy that doesn’t put our team members at risk) and delivered to our sewers that are all working from home in the next two weeks. We plan to have all existing orders and orders placed this week completed and shipped out by the end of July.”

A sample sale will take place at a later date.

About Elizabeth Suzann
Liz Pape is the Founder/Designer for Elizabeth Suzann which is designed and created in Nashville. They use the highest quality natural fibers to create their minimal fashion pieces meant to be collected each season and long-lasting to pass down to the next generation.

Find the latest updates on Facebook here.

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