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Meet Matt Clemons, The New King of Bohemia


Matt, hungry like the wolf.

I rap, often and wholeheartedly.”

Matt Clemons is a hip-hop head for the new era. He raps with the bravado of Weezy, the poetics of Mos Def, and the blunt honesty of Immortal Technique. Matt’s been playing the rap game for the past few years, and he’s since adopted the stage name of “Macro,” a sly allusion to the large scope and capability of his lyricism. My favorite couplet from his group’s, Bohemian Hype Cult’s, hit track “Welcome to Bohemia” is as follows: “A king’s demise, the kingdom’s mine / Told Jay and Ye to keep the throne warm ’til we arrived.” Oh, and the music video (which can be found conveniently at the bottom of this post) recently won an award for Best Hip-Hop Video, as given by the Nashville Scene.

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Confident that he can talk hip-hop with the best of them, Matt is studied in his musical roots. He has big plans to beef up and flesh out Wannado’s Hip-Hop sub-stream within the Music Channel, some of which are already in effect, to help get the underground hip-hop scene some daylight. A self-proclaimed nerd and over-educated hooligan, Matt is a current junior at Belmont studying Philosophy of the Arts and one of our newest interns at Wannado. He’s also constantly ruminating about man’s place in this world and the mind’s place in man’s reality, citing Waking Life and Man’s Search for Meaning as sources of inspiration. If given the ability, Matt would choose to read minds so he could better answer his own queries about them, but he would also request an off-switch so he could ignore others’ thoughts when he might feel so inclined. Around town, part-time librarian Matt can usually be found with his nose stuck in a book near the Belmont area and living it up in East Nash. There’s also a special spot overlooking the lake in Centennial Park that clears Matt’s head and holds a warm place in his heart, and he visits there about as often as he makes the rounds at the numerous music venues around Nashville. Finally, when likening himself to a common kitchen utensil, Matt keeps it simple, “I would be a coffee maker because coffee.”

Matt / Macro with the poetry, sappy love songs, and angry mob music.

To see Matt / Macro’s performance in Bohemian Hype Cult’s award-winning music video, watch below.
(Fair warning: This video contains explicit lyrics, but it’s well worth watching because the visuals are hella sick, yo.)

P.S. — If you like what you see/hear, Check it.


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