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Minton Sparks Ignites The Station Inn


Seriousness, sass, sadness, and symbolism, all wrapped up in one sweet package.

“…If she’s not the ghost child of Flannery O’Connor and Hank Williams, then cotton doesn’t grow in a cotton field.” -Rocker Marshall Chapman

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This evening, the incredibly talented, genre-bending Minton Sparks performs live once again at The Station Inn at 7pm for only $10. She’s a poet, short story author, character actor, and songwriter all in one, and her show costs less, yet have more action than, a blockbuster movie. To put it more poetically, she’s a speaker-songwriter who writes flesh-and-blood vignettes about small-town southern family members, teasing out the complexity below the surfaces of people’s lives in ways that tickle the sense of humor, prick the conscience, and lodge in the soul. I had the privilege of being both entertained and intrigued by Minton’s featured performance at a Vanderbilt open-mic a few years back, and past renditions of her one-of-a-kind performances have received glowing reviews from the Nashville Scene.

Here’s a snapshot of what you could be witnessing live tonight.


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