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Nashville Athletic Club Temporarily Closes


The Nashville Athletic Club is temporarily closing due to recent orders from local officials.

Nashville Athletic Club released the following statement:

Based on the safety of our community and recent orders from government authorities regarding the risks of COVID-19, Nashville Athletic Club is temporarily closed starting at
2:00 pm on March 20, 2020. The reopening date will be the earliest possible, as permitted by authorities. We will update our members, as we have further information, on our website and through social media.

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Active members will receive a dues credit for the number of days the club is closed.

Our commitment to provide a safe and clean environment for our members, guests and staff remains. During the closure, we will continue to have maintenance and janitorial crews working to keep our facilities as clean and healthy as possible. We look forward to our members returning to an exceptional health-club experience.

Your health and well-being matters to us and we encourage you follow the social-distancing guidelines and safety protocol as outlined by federal, state, and local governments. Your cooperation and commitment to these guidelines will help social businesses reopen sooner.

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