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Nashville Athletic Club to Remain Open, Taking Health Precautions


Original story published March 18:

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The Athletics Clubs (Nashville Athletic Club, Franklin Athletic Club, and Murfreesboro Athletic Club) have issued a statement that they will remain open during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic while taking extra sanitation precautions to support the health of their members.

In remaining open, the NAC, FAC, and MAC will:

  • Limiting club usage to members only. Therefore we are currently suspending any new trial passes, guest passes, daily and weekly passes.
  • Clean and sanitize daily, multiple times per day, throughout clubs with CDC approved cleaners (this includes hard surfaces, soft services, doors, locker rooms, equipment, workout areas, playrooms, frequently used areas and frequently touched surfaces).
  • Provide sanitizer sprays and paper towels through the club for members’ use.
  • Disinfect carpeted areas frequently.
    Provide hand sanitizer in several locations throughout the club (depending on availability).
  • All Group Exercise classes are suspended
  • Playrooms are temporarily closed

The Athletic Clubs encourage all members to reduce the spread of germs by following the CDC’s recommended guidelines:

  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly upon entering the club and before workouts.
  • Thoroughly wipe down any equipment (spray and towels provided).
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly after workouts.
  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.

The health and safety of members remain a top priority for the Athletic Clubs. Opening hours are subject to change. Future schedule changes may affect group fitness classes, playroom hours, and club hours of operation. Check the website or Facebook for additional details.

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