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New Restaurants in Nashville: October 2019


Next time you’re going out to eat, check this list for a new place to try! There are new restaurants opening up all the time in Nashville but these are the latest spots to open their doors. From breakfast to drinks to international cuisine, here are five brand spankin’ new restaurants we can’t wait to try!

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1. Big Bad Breakfast

You may
 not know it yet but this is your new favorite breakfast spot. The food is unreal and the Nashville vibes are strong at BBB. The owner, John Currence, opened the first Big Bad Breakfast in Mississippi and then released a cookbook with the same name a few years ago. BBB is in the former location of EiO & the Hive in the Nations.

Big Bad Breakfast | 5304 Charlotte Avenue | Nashville


2. Tacos Aurora

You don’t have to leave cross the country to get fresh California street tacos.. just head to East Nashville! Tacos Aurora serves up authentic, no frills tacos with grilled meats and fresh corn tortillas. Mmm.

Tacos Aurora | 975 Main Street | East Nashville


3. Citizen Market

We love this concept. It’s a grab and go – or grab and sit down and stay on the east side – with locally sourced everything from independent food artisans. They offer local foods, baked goods, coffee, beer, wine and spirits.

Citizen Market | 975 Main Street, Suite 105 | East Nashville


4. pH Craft Cocktails

As you may guess from the name, the cocktail selection here is extensive and creative. They also offer happy hour drinks as well as delightful happy hour food.

pH Craft Cocktails | 1249 Martin Street | Wedgewood-Houston


5. Vui’s Kitchen

The BEST Vietnamese food in Nashville. It’s indisputable. Vui’s Kitchen now has three locations around town. They’re in Berry Hill, Germantown and now, East Nashville. You’ve gotta try Vui’s Original Pho (12-hour beef bone broth) as well as the Pork Belly Bao Buns.

Vui’s Kitchen | 975 Main Street | East Nashville


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