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Oprah Gives $2 Million to Nashville Organizations


Oprah Winfrey is donating money to several cities that are close to her heart, including Nashville. Her donations will go to helping individuals impacted by COVID-19. Winfrey lived in Nashville with her father and began her media career here and will be donating $2 million dollars to NashvilleNutures, Mount Zion Baptist Church and her alma mater, Tennessee State University which.

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Winfrey is donating a total of $12 million dollars to Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Kosclusko, Mississippi and Nashville.

TSU shared, “Over 10,000 Nashville families can put more food on their tables today because of a generous grant donation from the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation.”

Brenda Glover, TSU President, and classmate of Winfrey’s stated, “I was honored to receive Ms. Winfrey’s call, and even more touched by her concern for underserved communities in her home city of Nashville deeply impacted by COVID-19,” said Glover, who was a classmate of Ms. Winfrey. “A vast majority of the families benefitting are single heads of households experiencing job loss or a substantial cut in hours. The university, along with Mt. Zion, is extremely proud to have assisted with such a monumental humanitarian effort with our alumna, Ms. Winfrey.”

NashvilleNutures is a partnership of Tennessee State University and Mount Zion Baptist Church to assist those in need from the tornado that hit the area in March and now COVID-19. TSU has also created a COVID-19 Academy which will assist the Nashville community as it recovers.

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